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January 18, 2010

Julia Child's My Life in France

Last week I finished Julia Child's My Life in France, and it was a beautiful book. Julia lived such an interesting and exciting life and was lucky to spend it all with her soul mate, Paul. So many of the things she writes about were featured in the movie, Julie & Julia, so I was already familiar with them. But the way the chapters are written, you feel like you're there cooking and living with Julia in France, and the scenes and meals she describes are very vivid. Julia Child seemed to be such a charming woman, full of life, one who loves a new adventure, and is inspirational to me for those very reasons. It was a really nice read - I recommend it :)


  1. I read this during the summer and loved was so nice to learn more about julia!

  2. i'm reading this, too and as with you, i'm enjoying it!


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