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January 13, 2010


Can you even believe all of the Late Night NBC drama that's going on these days?! It is ridiculous. You don't move Conan all the way to LA to take his well-deserved spot on the Tonight Show just to push him back 7 months later and give the prime time spot back to Leno. Unbelievable! The amazing painting above was done by Mike Mitchell in support of Conan staying on as the Tonight Show host (pass it on!!).

As we all know, Conan announced today that he will not be staying on to host the Tonight Show at 12:05. Let's all cross our fingers that Conan gets his Late Show on another network...and soon! We love you, Coco.


  1. Conan rocks! There are a bunch of idiots running NBC. Love this!

  2. ha! loving this. nbc is so ridiculous...i'm tuning them out.


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