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January 10, 2010

500 Days of Summer

I watched 500 Days of Summer today, and I loved it. It's not what I expected, but I found that I really related to the story...of both characters. I know what's it's like to have my heart utterly and completely broken by someone...but I also know what it's like to date someone and feel that something isn't quite "there" for a long-term commitment, then meeting someone soon after where you feel instantly sure of the future. To totally get what I'm talking about, you'll probably have to see the movie for yourself! I highly recommend it. My favorite scene is when they are romping and flirting around Ikea (Zooey is so stinkin CUTE!!) - youtube totally disabled the link, so you will have to see it by clicking here. I promise it will make you smile.


  1. yeah, that film was a cute one. it had sooo much potential, and so much that i liked about it. it was for sure very original (always a plus); plus, they featured some L.A. settings and architecture that are never seen on film (plus, who doesn't like a good design-focused film -- his room with the blackboard pain was very cool). great post! -Jg.

    (check back to FatScribe and you can see my top20 for 2009)

  2. I just bought the DVD yesterday! What a delightful film. I couldn't get over how much the male lead looks like a young Heath Ledger. Sad! I LOVE the new design on your blog! Who did it?

  3. I watched this this weekend and loved it too. I love Zoey. Don't you love this....This is the kind of stuff that makes me love her:

  4. I loved this movie as well I dont know anyone who didnt get an automatic girl crush on zooey!


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