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December 18, 2009

The Beatles in Atlanta: 1965

If I could time travel back to any era, it would most definitely be the 1960s. So much happened during that decade, and I would give anything to witness it all firsthand! My parents often joke that I was born in the wrong decade. I agree.

So, you can imagine how neat it was for me when I stumbled across these photos of a 1965 Beatles performance in Atlanta's old Fulton County Stadium on one of my favorite Atlanta websites, How cool would it have been to see the Beatles play in the 60s? I love these relics -- especially love the flyer of the bus driver wearing a Beatles wig!

To read a detailed account of the concert at the Atlanta Stadium, click here. The field level seats (which sold out) were $5.50 and the upper level seats $4.50! Apparently the sound at the stadium that night was better than many of the venues the Beatles played in at the time; their screaming fans didn't drown out their sound, and everyone, (including the Beatles themselves), could hear the music well:
The show continued with "I Feel Fine", "Dizzy Miss Lizzie", "Ticket To Ride",
"Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby", "Can't By Me Love" and "Baby's In Black" which John humorously introduced as "Baby's In Black…Pool". The next song, featuring Ringo's only lead vocal for the night, was "I Wanna Be Your Man" during which Paul broke a string on his trademark Hofner bass guitar. After Paul swapped his bass for another, they played "A Hard Day's Night". The crowd showed no signs of calming down. The six first-aid stations filled up with girls who had fainted, overcome by being in the same stadium as their idols. Girls at field level threw themselves directly over the railing into the arms of the 150 policemen hired to
keep the fans from charging the stage.
The Beatles gave a very energetic performance and seemed (possibly because they
could hear themselves) musically tighter than at the Shea Stadium Show. After
singing "Help" (their newest hit then) John switched from his guitar over to a
Vox organ, Paul thanked the audience for coming and then belted out the opening
to their final song "I'm Down". A few seconds after finishing, the Fab Four were
down the stairs and into their limo. Accompanied by a police escort, they made
tracks for the airport, with about 30 fans chasing behind. The Beatles plane
took off just before midnight, bound for Houston where they had a 3:30 show the
following afternoon. In just less than ten hours after they had arrived, they
had already gone. The August 19th issues of The Journal and The
featured photos, articles and comments about the show and
reported the attendance to be 34,000. It would turn out to be the only concert
the Beatles ever played in Atlanta as the group ceased touring the following
from A Hard Day's Night In DixieA 38th Anniversary look at The Beatles concert at Atlanta Stadium
By Donnie Thompson

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