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November 17, 2009

A productive wedding planning day in Athens!

Well, yesterday was a success! I think our reception is going to be great at the Georgia Conference Center and Hotel - the ballroom is lovely, (and large) - big enough to hold all of our guests (we are inviting 212!) and a huge dance floor. The menu is going to be yummy, and we have decided on a sit down dinner. The rooms at the Conference Center are what really surprised James and me - they are gorgeous! Most of them are certainly fit for a king...flat screens in every room, sunburst mirrors (my favorite touch) and pretty linens. I hope a lot of our guests stay overnight so they can enjoy the entire reception...and the accommodations!
We also met with Rick, Cecilia Villaveces's son, and he was completely estatic to do James's r2d2 groom's cake. Believe it or not, he has made a Yoda and a Darth Vader groom's cake in the past, so he was stoked to have r2d2 for his "portfolio!" Hehe. How lucky are we that Cecilia's son is a pastry chef AND a huge Star Wars fan?! hehe. After much thought, I have chosen this cake design for the wedding cake: I was also completely thrilled to learn that Cecilia has catered Last Resort's cakes for years - (my most favorite Athens restaurant). Even better, Rick gave us a "free pass" to taste 5 flavors of their cakes at Last Resort, so that was the perfect reason for us to grab dinner there as well. When dinner was over (it was amazing, as usual!), the waiter brought 5 SLICES of cake out to us to try - it was crazy! And let me tell you...they were all delicious. I am going to choose 4 different flavors for each tier of my cake (Strawberry, Spanish Lemon, Red Velvet and Kahlua Chocolate), and James is going to choose 2 flavors (Mocha and Bailey's Irish Creme Chocolate). I can't wait to see the final products at the wedding!

As you can see, we did a little damage. Especially to the Kahlua Chocolate, which was on the far left hand side of the plate....demolished. It was my favorite, by far!


  1. The cake is absolutely beautiful! I know your wedding will be amazing :)

  2. Wow! Those rooms are gorgeous! I had no idea.

    The cake design is stunning!


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