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September 11, 2009

May 15, 2010

Well, it is official! James and I have nailed down a reception venue, the University of Georgia Conference Center & Hotel in Athens. We wanted to have our wedding in Athens for three reasons - it's a nice "central" location for our families and friends to travel to, it's where we met, and it's a fun, affordable city with a lot to offer our guests if they stay overnight. We also wanted a venue where everyone we invite will have a seat and be able to be in the same room together throughout the event. Below are some gorgeous photos of a reception taken from UGACCH's facebook fan page - isn't it lovely? We are very excited! Sorry I haven't been blogging much this week...I have been so stressed about nailing down the church and the reception venue - James and I only had a couple of spring dates to work with since some of our other best friends are getting married around the same time! It will be a wonderful year next year for so many reasons; I can't wait.


  1. Hey there Natty! I just saw you are a follower on my blog (thank you!) and I thought I should become one of yours as well! I didn't realize you had a blog for so long! It's really great! ALSO I'm so excited for you and James! I work right across from the GA Center actually - so if you ever need anything done/checked on over there I can hop over and do it for you! Congrats though - that is such great news!! :)

  2. Excellent choice! You guys are going to have a brilliant wedding, I just know it.


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