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September 30, 2009

A living legend

A month or so ago Paul McCartney was in town playing at Piedmont Park to help raise money for the park's expansion project. I didn't buy a ticket, (they were $85 I believe..yowzas!) but I did happen to drive by the night before the concert and see that his ginormous stage was all up and running, and he was playing a run-through set with his band! Since the park is very close to my house, I went home quickly to put on my sneakers and jeans and ran back to the park to see if I could get a glimpse of Paul himself. Turns out security was actually letting the public walk in and stand fairly close so we could see - for free. I watched him play several songs, and I feel it was a once in a lifetime experience - he is truly a brilliant artist and a living legend, and he sounded perfect. One of my favorite Beatles songs is "Something" by George Harrison. Above is a video of Paul singing Something at Piedmont Park - I have to say it literally brought tears to my is such a beautiful song, and Paul McCartney's cover was fantastic.

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