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August 17, 2009

A small flashback

At my parents' house, I recently found two collages I made mid-90s when I was in the 6th grade that gave me a chuckle or two. My middle school made each student buy and carry around a generic "agenda" where we kept notes about our classes and homework assignments; we had to have it present in every class. Always one to want to use my creativity whenever possible, I cut out magazine pictures of everything from a Kewpie doll to Leonardo DiCaprio pictures from Romeo & Juliet (I was slightly in love with Leo back in the day) and taped them down to make a new agenda cover. A few of the cut-outs made me smile, bringing back memories - namely the "poser" slang, the Airwalk/Journeys logos and the Silverchair "frog" from Frogstomp. be a young teenager once again in the 90s...

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